Feel the breeze – Burgas

Burgas is the fourth biggest town in Bulgaria and an affordable summer (June to September) travel destination for water sports fans and beach vacation destinations in general.

During summer the town is full of tourists – especially because it has lots of affordable shopping alternatives in comparisson to the nearby situated resort Sunny Beach.

In the off season (October to May) it is a nice destination to enjoy delicious Bulgarian food and the calm of the Black Sea since there are almost no tourists and hotel/hostel prices are cheaper (by about 50%).

Here are some moments from my trip to Burgas in March 2017. Enjoy!



Nha Trang

Located in the south of Vietnam – Nha Trang is a popular destination for divers, sun lovers and tourists particularily looking for Russian companionship.

“If you would like to get to know some Russian people, you shall better go to Nha Trang or Mui Ne”, that is what I have heard from several fellow expats and travelmates.
I can’t tell about Mui Ne, because I skipped this city for that time I was in Vietnam, but when it comes to Nha Trang – it is definitely true.

Most of the tourists I met in the city were speaking Russian. Since I speak the language, this was not an issue for me – I welcomed the opportunity to practice – but I understand why e.g. English or German speaking fellows did not feel very “in Vietnam” in this particular city.

What I found exceptionally fun are the street signs, which are written mostly in Vietnamese, Russian and English – sometimes even in Chinese language.

I liked the flair of the city and especially the availability of different kinds of restaurants (concerning the coutry of origin of the cuisine). A Russian and Armenian restaurant as well as a traditional Vietnamese restaurant in a small street next to the central beach were my favourite.

Accept for eating, drinking, enjoying the sun and going for a dive/snorkeling trip there is also a temple and a mud bath in the near surrounding.

The town’s most famous places are situated in walking distance from the beach or reachable by bus or bike within 10 minutes.

Have a look and enjoy!


Hoi An

After finishing my internship and enjoying some more days in Hanoi during the national day, I got the awesome idea to make a stopover on my way to the south of Vietnam.

One of my friends had moved to the small town near Da Nang called Hoi An and invited me to have a look at her favourite place to stay and work.

I was and am still impressed by the vibe of that small town – it is a place, once you enter you don’t want to say goodbye so soon….